Platinum Essence 33mL

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シンシアプラチナエッセンス <日本製>




1. 高濃度配合の最も人気のあるヒト幹細胞培養液抽出物フィブロネクチン 細胞間の結合を効果的に改善し、損傷を受けた皮膚の自己修復を促進します
2. 高濃度のナノ・カプセル化したコラーゲン ナノ・カプセルは、皮膚浸透中の分解と変性を防ぎ、深く届けるまで中のコラーゲンの活性を維持する
3. 高活性、高純度のEGFとFGF 活性細胞増殖因子(EGFとFGF)は、皮膚の再生能力を活性化します

English Intro

English Name: CYNTHIA PLATINUM ESSENCE <Made in Japan>

It gives moisture and radiance to the skin, moisturizes deeply and gives elasticity.

It strengthens the self-restoring function of the skin, saying goodbye to the trouble of various age skin such as spot, drying, sagging, loose.

【Characteristics and Effect】

1. The most popular human stem cell culture extract extract of high concentration formulation Fibronectin It effectively improves cell-cell binding and promotes self-repair of damaged skin
2. High concentration of nano-capsulated collagen Nano-capsules prevent degradation and denaturation during skin penetration and maintain collagen activity
3. EGF and FGF with high activity and high purity Active cell growth factors (EGF and FGF) activate skin regeneration ability